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Temperature sensor for Hydropower Station


The temperature sensor measurement system of the hydropower station has its own particularity compared with the general temperature measurement system.
The hydropower unit bearing temperature as an example, the temperature sensor with the bearings installed in the oil tank must stop to carry out maintenance. The maintenance of generator stator temperature sensor maintenance is need to disassemble the stator bar with the extension of unit overhaul cycle which requires long-term stability of hydropower station temperature sensor run.
The hydropower station temperature sensor system working in damp and vibration environment, especially the bush temperature sensor and wire immersed in high temperature turbine oil.And under the impact of the oil flow.It is need the hydropower station temperature sensor and the conductor temperature moisture, vibration resistance, oil resistance and corrosion.
Exsense Company research NTC temperature sensor for 10 years. It can be bear high temperature, and high accuracy, high stability.Customized sizes and parameters as your requirement.

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