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The Sensor is One Of the Most Critical Components In Interconnected Era

In Interconnected Era, the sensor is one of the most critical components. According to the general division, the Internet of things is divided into three parts: perception layer, network layer and application layer.
As the data source of the network layer, data base application layer calculation which is to play a crucial role. The sensor constitutes an important component of the perception layer is the variety. According to the different ways of the sensor can be divided into different categories.For example, in accordance with the measured non electric physical quantity division, can be divided into pressure sensor and temperature sensor. According to divide the conversion of non electric physical quantity into electrical physical quantity when the working mode can be divided into energy conversion type (work without extra energy access) and energy control (need to work extra energy access) etc.In addition, according to the manufacturing process can be divided into ceramic sensors and integrated sensors.
The temperature sensor can be divided into contact and non-contact two categories.The contact one is to let the temperature sensor directly contact with the object to be measured, through the temperature sensitive element perception of the measured object temperature changes. The non-contact one is to make the temperature sensor with the object to maintain a certain distance. The intensity of infrared radiation emitted from the object to be measured is detected to calculate the temperature.
Temperature sensor is mainly used in intelligent insulation and environmental temperature detection and temperature closely related fields.Ever since the invention of the industrial age, sensors have played a vital role in production control and detection metrology.
As people's eyes and ears, as a thing in the Internet to receive information from the outside of the carrier, an important perception front end, the sensor will usher in a high-speed development with the popularity of the Internet of things in the future.

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