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About NTC Thermsitor in Car temperature sensor

About NTC Thermsitor in Car Temperature Sensor

Application in the car
 of temperature sensor with coolant temperature sensor, air intake temperature sensor, exhaust temperature sensor, oil temperature sensor, the evaporator outlet temperature sensor and the vehicle (outside) temperature sensor, etc.
Its function is to detect the temperature of the gas, liquid, and the test results into electrical signal input to the ECU.

Temperature sensor Type:
A thermocouple, wire wound resistor, thermistor, etc., its features are:
Wire wound resistance temperature sensor: high precision, but the response is poor;
Thermal reistance temperature sensor: high sensitivity,good response characterstics.

Temperature sensor

Installation site


Coolant temperature sensor

Engine cylinder block, cylinder head water jacket or section temperature in and out into the water jacket

Detection engine coolant temperature input ECU is used to mend the fuel injection quantity

Air intake temperature sensor

Type D EFI is installed after the air cleaner or air intake pressure sensor;

L EFI is installed on the inlet air flow meter test inlet temperature input ECU gas injection and ignition timing are used to provide the basis

Exhaust temperature sensor

Installed on the automobile exhaust ternary catalytic converters

The temperature of the exhaust gases in detecting converter

The hydraulic oil temperature sensor

Installed in air conditioning evaporator

Detecting the hydraulic oil temperature input ECU shift control

The evaporator outlet temperature sensor

Installed in the automatic transmission oil sump default hungry hydraulic valve body

Input ECU is used to detect the hydraulic oil temperature shift control

Inside and outside temperature sensor installed in the front of car outside;

The car after he installed under the dashboard and sealing glass

Check-out car inside and outside temperatures to provide information for the automotive air conditioning control system

Car cooling liquid, air inlet pipe, the place such as evaporator export, car inside and outside of the NTC thermistor widely used test temperature, the temperature of this section describes the thermistor temperature sensor are the NTC thermistor.

Below is the coolant temperature sensor and the inlet temperature sensor applications;
1 Cooling temperature sensor
Functions: detecting engine cooling fluid temperature and the temperature signal input ECU, as correction fuel injection quantity and injection time to provide accurate basis
Installation: installed in the engine cylinder block, cylinder head water jacket, or within the thermostat and out into the water jacket

2. The air intake temperature sensor:

The structure of the sensor;
Checking the sensor in the electronic control fuel injection system inlet temperature, and entered into the ECU, to correct the volume type air flow sensor due to the error of the temperature of inlet air quality.


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