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NTC Thermistor is Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor
NTC thermistor is negative temperature coefficient thermistor.It is a transition metal oxide as the main raw materials to use the advanced ceramics manufacture process.These properties are semiconductor metal oxide materials, because on the way of conducting full semiconductor materials such as germanium and silicon.At low temperature, the oxide material carriers (electrons and cavity) number less, so the resistance value is higher;With the increase of temperature, carrier number increase, so the resistance reduced.NTC thermistor in room temperature range in the 10 o ~ 1000000 ohms, the temperature coefficient of 2% ~ 6.5%. For these features, the NTC thermistor chips/thermistor can be widely used in temperature measurement, temperature compensation, inhibition of surge current, etc.
Now we have one type NTC thermistor of not insulation lead wire can be high temperature 200degC, and the low temperature can be -100degC. It can be used in samrt home, mobile teleMedicine.And also the core of the resistance chip can be 0.1% tolerance.

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