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NTC Temperature Thermistor Chip of Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography is the use of infrared detectors, optical imaging lens and optical scanning system (focal plane technology advanced save scanning system) to accept the measured target infrared radiation energy distribution pattern reflected in the photosensitive element infrared detector, between optical system and infrared detector, a scanning mechanism (no the mechanism of focal plane thermal imager) to scan the infrared image of the measured object, and focusing on the unit or by the light detector, infrared radiation detectors will be converted into electrical signals, amplified, converted or standard video signal through the TV screen or monitor display infrared thermography.

Infrared temperature measurement technology in the production process, product quality control and monitoring equipment, on-line fault diagnosis and safety protection and energy conservation has played an important role. In the past 20 years, non-contact infrared thermoscope has gained rapid development in technology, the performance of continuous improvement, increasing function, increasing variety the scope is also expanding. Compared with the contact temperature measurement, infrared temperature measurement with fast response time, non-contact, high safety and long service life. The use of non-contact infrared thermometer includes a portable, on-line and scanning three series, and equipped with a variety of options and computer software, and in each series a variety of models and specifications. In various types of thermometer with different specifications, correct choice of infrared thermometer model is very important for the users.

Exsense Company have one type products of NTC temperature thermistor chip. It can be used in Infrared thermopile, it devides two kinds, one is gold and another is silver type.It is high accuracy and high stability.And the size can be 0.3mm*0.3mm. All parameter can be customed design.

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