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The Coffee Machine Sensor


The coffee machine is need to provide only coffee beans or coffee powder can automatically provide home appliances making coffee by heating water. With the popularity of coffee in more and more ordinary families. However, in the early stages of the coffee machine switch because of water vapor, it is not reliable. So the work state of the coffee machine monitoring sensor can effectively solve this problem.
In general the coffee machine are respectively with a water storage device and powder feeding device, usually only need to add coffee powder and water start the coffee machine can continue to be brewed coffee. But if there is no material or insufficient, if starting the coffee machine will cause failure or other unexpected consequences. Therefore, usually need to detect the addition of raw coffee machine in the state.

The material weight change in a coffee machine to detect the state, as shown in the figure, the raw materials in coffee machine can cause joint magnet position which leads to the sensor near the opposite. Therefore, the strength of the magnetic field sensor will change, then its output will change, eventually you can get a change on the weight of the material with sensor output relationship, through the relationship can be used to detect the status of raw coffee machine.

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