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Accuracy is Still An Important Consideration for The Sensor

At present, there is a big gap between our country and foreign automation products, especially in high-end industrial automation field sensor.China is almost a blank, more than 90% domestic high-end sensor with the main technology from Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries.And the price is expensive, long delivery.Or even prohibit certain products sales to China,also to China military enterprises and high-tech field.
The accuracy is still an important consideration in industrial development.Compared to the sensing accuracy, the sensor market demand which is smaller and more function . However in the fixed cost, sensing accuracy should still be considered factors. Manufacturers only consider the function of sacrifice precision will bring about adverse consequences.
In order to achieve high precision, the price of the sensor should be improved. But this is not the economy and can not meet the needs of low-cost, large-scale application.The engineer should not ignore the accuracy value because of the low-cost sensor is not the optimal solution.No matter it is low cost.The lower accuracy of the sensing technology may completely offset the advantages of using the plug and play technology, but this advantage is great value to engineers who are committed to meeting the design requirements.

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