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What Is The Sensor

The sensor is a detection device can feel the measured information,according to the law must transform into electrical signals or other information in the form of output required to meet the information transmission, processing, storage, display, record and control requirements.
In modern industrial production, especially in the automatic production process, various sensors are used to monitor and control the various parameters in the production process, the equipment work in normal state or state, and to reach the best quality products.

The sensor have various types. The familiar one is resistance-type. The resistance type sensor is to be measured, such as displacement, deformation, stress, acceleration, humidity, temperature etc. The physical quantity conversion type resistance value of a device like this. The main resistance strain, pressure resistance, heat resistance, thermal, gas sensors, humidity sensors and resistive sensors.

Exsense Company professional manufacture the thermal thermistor. We have NTC temperature sensor,NTC thermistor. It is uses for measurement or control the temperature.It’s can accurately the temperature.The tolerance is can be 0.3%. And it is high sensitivity and high reliability.

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