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Temperature Sensor in Hemodialysis Machine Device


Temperature Sensor in Hemodialysis Machine Device

Hemodialysis machine is used to medical device, dialysate supply system includes a temperature control system, liquid mixing system, gas system, electrical monitoring system, ultrafiltration monitoring and blood leak monitoring components.So it needs to use the temperature sensor.

The heater assembly in the blood and dialysate back into the patient before, it is heated to body temperature. During this process, the temperature sensor to precisely control the temperature of the dialysate. In order to achieve a temperature sensor and a temperature regulating device used in conjunction heater components are designed to take into account a variety of heating technology and materials suitable for the needs of different dialysis equipment design. Often because of the heater assembly of different sizes and different temperature range of the design requirements of the dialysis machine, need to consider the different types of heating technology.

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