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To Know More Temperature Sensor Industry

Sensors are forward position products of information technology, especially temperature sensors are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, scientific research and life or other fields. The using quantity of sensor is the most.Over the past century, the development of the temperature sensor has experienced three stages: the traditional discrete temperature sensor (including sensitive components); analog integrated temperature sensor (controller); intelligent temperature sensor.At present, the new type temperature sensor is from analog to digital, from integration to intelligence, the direction of network development.

Generally speaking, the domestic existing temperature sensor production enterprises are still in the low level of competition situation, technical quality and production capacity. The production scale can not keep up with the international level, the price war is very common, and lead to a decline in product quality.Obviously, the product quality, technology and cost is an important factor in the favorable position of domestic enterprises in the future competition.In the face of fierce market competition, domestic manufacturers should reduce production costs through various ways, control of fixed expenses in business, strengthen investment in independent research and development and technological transformation to enhance the level of comprehensive competitiveness.Now, the production enterprise of the temperature sensor is mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta region.

With the continuous development of science and technology, measurement and automation technology requirements continue to improve.So the temperature sensor are more and more types.
After twenty-first Century, the intelligent temperature sensor in high precision, multi-function, bus standard, high reliability and safety, the development of virtual sensor and network sensor.The development of high technology, such as single chip temperature measurement system is developing rapidly.

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