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The Precision Requirement is More Importance to the Household Applicance


To know from the market, some companies have developed a temperature sensor of a super thin and small film type temperature sensor, it is as thin as a piece of paper, good flexibility, and can be freely bent. The scope of application of the temperature sensor is very wide accurately measure the surface temperature measurement, the movement of calorie consumption. Therefore, the future can be widely used in smart watches, bracelets and other wearable devices.

From the current situation, the more, thinner and lighter mobile phones, computers, medical equipment, more functions of the car, production equipment are not separated from the more and more small electronic components
With cars and home appliances more and more from the previous mechanical to electronic components are applied to household appliances, including temperature sensor. At the same time, with the improvement of people's quality of life and comfort, in the consumer electronics industry. The accuracy is an important index to affect the performance of temperature sensor products to be more precise, the temperature control of home appliances will be represent the general trend.

In addition, using the temperature sensor products, many users for accuracy and resolution of the temperature sensor two concepts are somewhat obscure. In fact, in different applications, the two indicators of the different requirements for digital temperature sensors, the general accuracy refers to the difference between the temperature sensor and the absolute temperature data read back however, resolution refers to the minimum temperature sensor can be perceived. Users in the purchase and use of temperature sensor products, according to different applications, make a clear distinction between the two different performance indicators.

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