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What Is Single Layer Capacitor?


What Is Single Layer Capacitor?

The basic model of capacitor is a single piece of device consisting with a double conductor electrode separated by a dielectric material.It is an electronic component with the main characteristics of storing electric energy and providing capacity. And it also has the property of being able to pass ac without allowing dc to pass through.

Capacitor can achieve coupling, bypass, resonance in a circuit, storage, filter, dc insulation etc,.They are widely used in electronic equipment, instruments, and home appliances products( such as, computer, radar, laser, measuring instruments, communication, video products, audio, power amplifier, TV, radio, DVD), and traditional and new consumer digital product.

Capacitor is one of the most widely used electronic components in electronic equipment. The basic function of capacitor is charging and discharging, but by the basic charge and discharge function extension of the phenomenon of many circuits, capacitors with a variety of different purposes, such as in an electric motor, we use it to generate the phase shift;In photoflash, use it to generate high energy instantaneous discharge, etc.In electronic circuits, capacitors are used for many different properties, many different USES, although they are quite different, because they all come from charging and discharging.

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