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COB bonding technology with NTC temperature sensor gold electrode chip


COB bonding technology with NTC temperature sensor gold electrode chip

COB bonding technology with temperature sensor gold electrode thermistor chip. NTC thermistor chip as the core component ,adopt different package in the form of temperature sensors are widely used in various temperature detection, temperature compensation, temperature control circuit, the temperature in the circuit of the variable into the core of the electronic signal needed.With the rapid development of electronic consumer products, the application of chips is becoming more and more extensive. In existing technologies, SMT patch technology and bonding technology are commonly used in the packaging of chips.

First, SMT technology is chip, pin welding on the circuit board, the production process are not well suitable for module encapsulation products processing, exist in the packaging test virtual welding, welding, welding problems such as leakage, in daily use process due to the circuit board solder joint long exposure in the air is damp, static electricity, physical wear and tear, slightly acid corrosion and other natural and man-made factors, lead to products are prone to short circuit, open circuit, and even destroyed, and so on and so forth.

Second, the state is to chip internal circuit through the gold wire connected to the circuit board assembly pin, with organic materials with special protection functions precision, finish late encapsulation, chip fully protected by organic materials, and isolation from the outside world, there is no humidity, electrostatic, corrosion situation.At the same time, the organic material is melted at high temperature which is coated on the chip and then dried by the instrument. The seamless connection between the chip and the chip completely eliminates the physical abrasion and stability of the chip.The COB bonding technology is disclosed in this paper. The temperature sensor of the gold electrode chip is of high reliability and better stability.

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The accuracy can be up to plus or minus 0.3%, with high accuracy, high reliability, high stability, the main application fields of COB bonding state, IGBT, infrared thermoelectric reactor, optical communication module, etc.

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